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Hello Friends,

Do you want to get rid of the baggage that's preventing success in your life? Well, let me help you! I am a retired educator that loves to help others. Since my retirement, I started writing and now I am a Mississippi author spreading God's word.

I enjoy writing inspirational spiritual non-fiction. My first book, God's Wisdom For Successful Happy Ladies can be purchased at any local bookstore by using the ISBN number, 1-4134-4640-X or and P. O. Box 15071, Hattiesburg, MS 39404.

This book is filled with scriptures that will improve everyone's life. They were taken from successful proud Mississippians, many famous celebrities and unsung heroes around the world. It has heart-warming, inspiring quotes to improve self-esteem and help us get in touch with our own spirituality.  It's designed for all lifestyles and cultures and is known to motivate people to become: 

  • ethically savvy
  • successful
  • happy
  • loving and respectful of mankind
  • inwardly peaceful
  • worry free 
  • self respectful  
  • more Christlike 
  • more forgiving

If you are really seeking wisdom from God, true happiness, love and a better life for yourself or your friends, don't wait, purchase a copy today and witness God's blessings improving your life.

Thanks and may God continue to bless each of you.